Environmental education and workshops


With Sounding Soil, we bring the sounds from below ground to the surface to let you experience soil life. These workshops build awareness of this complex and incredibly important ecosystem and its processes.


Sounding Soil for Schools

Together with GLOBE Switzerland, an established educational organization for earth system sciences, we developed a learning activity for Sounding Soil. Pupils will be able to borrow recording devices to make audio recordings of soils and compare them with one another. In addition, they will be able to take soil samples and search for soil animals. Unfortunately the activity is only available in German, French or Italian, as the learning acitivy is organised within the Projekt „LERNfeld“. For registration please contact GLOBE Switrzerland.

GLOBE offers a variaty of courses for teachers in different topics in German, French or Italian.


Together with the Naturpark Gantrisch we developed the excursion „Geheimnisse im Boden“ (only in German). The students learn about the most important facts and functions of the soil, serach for some of the many organsims of the soil and what is bad or good for soils. More information and registration at Naturpark Gantrisch.

Sounding Soil for hobby gardeners

Hobby gardeners are intensively involved with the soil. They dig it up, loosen it and care for the plants that grow on it. But people do not always recognize how important healthy soil is for everyone. Therefore, from 2024 we would like to offer information, tips and courses for promoting healthy soil and organic gardening together with partner organizations. Further information will follow.


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